Sannah and the Pilgrim

When Sannah the Storyteller, a descendant of environmental refugees from drowned Pacific islands, finds a White stranger on her domestep, she presumes he’s a political prisoner on the run seeking safe passage to egalitarian Aotearoa. However, Kaire’s unusual appearance, bizarre behaviour, and insistence he’s a pilgrim suggest otherwise.

Appalled by apartheid Australia, Kaire uses his White privileges to procure vital information for Sannah and her group of activists regarding new desert prisons that are to be built to house all political prisoners. The group plans sabotage but needs help, and Kaire is a willing accomplice. But when Sannah turns Truthteller and threatens to reveal the country’s true history, even Kaire’s White privilege and advanced technology cannot save Sannah and her daughter from retribution.

5star-shiny-web“It’s a complicated story that intertwines the realities and threats of the twenty-first century, along with the ever present prejudices, with the possibilities of a future that looks even more bleak. It is a compelling tale and readers will certainly be eagerly looking forward to the sequel.”Readers Favorite

Originally from England, Sue worked after graduating (B.A. University of Queensland, majors in English Literature, Drama and French) in university libraries until taking early retirement in 2008 to concentrate on creative writing. Since then she has written: Sannah and the Pilgrim; several short stories, articles and poems, which have been published in magazines and anthologies; a feature film script Feed Thy Enemy (based on a true story) set in Naples in 1944 and 1974, and a second novel Safety Zone. Her current project is a sequel to Sannah and the Pilgrim—the working title is Pia and the Skyman.

Book Details

ISBN: 978-1-922200-14-3 (pbk) | 978-1-922200-15-0 (ebook)

Category: Climate fiction / Sci-fi

Trade paperback: 274 pages

Publication Date: 26 April 2014

RRP: AU $23.95 (pbk) | $5.99 (ebook)

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