A boy. A boat. A storm.
One day that will tear a family apart.

Two sisters are reunited, but for how long? Can their fragile relationship survive once the secrets of the past are finally unlocked?

A mother’s dying wish sends twin sisters Lauren and Trina back to the place of their childhood vacations, on the Gippsland Lakes, to restore and sell a dilapidated houseboat. Although the twins were almost inseparable throughout childhood, a wild storm and the events that followed drove the girls apart in their teenage years. Now, ten years later, Lauren and Trina are forced to face each other and themselves as they discover the role their mother played in their estrangement. As the houseboat is gradually stripped bare, so are the lives of these women as the truth emerges.

A story of secrets and betrayal, Unloched takes the reader on an emotional journey through the landscape of the family.

Commended in the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards for an unpublished manuscript, this is Candice Lemon-Scott’s debut novel.[/two_third_last]

Candice Lemon-Scott is an Australian author. When she’s not writing fiction, Candice writes books and articles for adults and helps other writers edit and polish their manuscripts. She’s also a literacy champion for the Literacy Villages program.

      “I think there is really only one word to sum this book up: haunting. It is so beautiful and delicate that I couldn’t put it down for anything other than to sleep. The dialogue is powerful and the plot is heartbreaking..” ***** (Tasman Anderson, Gold Coast Bulletin)

      “The ominous undercurrents are brilliantly written and the prose beautiful. Every line has been crafted with thought. Unloched is the perfect tragedy.” ***** (Terri-ann Varga)