Shooting Stars

The Beatles sang “All you need is love”, but whatever happened to sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll? For one young Sydney musician, life is like a shooting star – fast and beautiful. He has unparalleled talent, a record contract with his band, and after fleeting relationships with a parade of gorgeous girls, he has finally met the enigmatic girl of his dreams. But love isn’t always written with four chords and a major key, and soon he finds himself heartbroken in his very own fairytale. Shooting Stars is touching, raw, humorous and sexual, guided by a motley group of youths inspired by the messages of famous musicians. Our hero learns that love often only exists in the gaps between us, almost within reach. With this in mind, he sets out to make his mark and climb to a dazzling height. From there, the fall will look spectacular..
Clayton Zane is a young upcoming novelist/film maker who lives between Sydney and his hometown of Kiama. Turning his back on a career in law, he moved on to a Masters in Creative Writing, spending most of his student life as a club DJ/barfly, observing colourful characters and listening to asinine stories. Clayton has a profound love of film, music and literature, and his debut novel Shooting Stars is the result of that passion. He is currently working on his second novel, and his lifelong plan of writing and directing a film, starring Hugh Grant.
  • ISBN: 9780980690927

    Category: Literary Fiction

    Trade paperback: 318 pages

    Publication Date: 14 December 2010

    RRP: AU $18.95 / US $16.95 (paperback) | $3.99 (ebook)

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  • “Zane’s ability as a storyteller is so phenomenal that the book reads like an autobiography rather than fiction. [He] has captured the essence of Rock’n’Roll and fused it with the tenderness of love.” (Tasman Anderson, Gold Coast Bulletin)

    “I was drawn into the story and could see and feel it all happening. Clayton Zane is a very talented author and I look forward to reading more of his work.” (Gladys Quintal, The Dream Series)

    “This is Clayton’s first novel, and I have to say WOW! Brilliantly written with an addictive plot and well developed characters.” (Carla, Bookish)

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