Mr Ordinary Dons a Disguise

Talking fruit. Time reversing. A scheming liver. A lighter’s journey. Vengeful teddy bears. Vending machine salvation. The Annual Meeting of Words. Everyone on Earth moving six feet to the left.

Escape into vivid worlds, populated by everyday – ordinary if you will – characters facing unique challenges… when sometimes the mask becomes the face. From horror to humour, Speculative to literary fiction, Magic realism to psychological dualism: Fifteen stories that linger in the mind.

Benjamin is a freelance journalist by trade. His essays, feature articles and copywriting have appeared in RACT’s Journeys Magazine, Jetstar Magazine, Outback Magazine, Stories of Music, Renaissance, Tincture Journal, The Writer and Aurealis, to name a few. He also has a monthly series in Punchnel’s. An active member of the Gold Coast writing community, he harbours a deep affection for cricket, pistachios, and the music of Bela Fleck & the Flecktones.

Benjamin is also a songwriter with twenty years experience. He is a member of APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association), the Australian Songwriters Association, TAXI Music Publishing, and is an accredited audio engineer. He is currently collaborating with musicians in Australia and the USA, primarily as a lyricist, and always keen to collaborate with fellow songwriters.

Book Details

ISBN: 978-1-925652-01-7 (pbk) | 978-1-925652-04-8 (ebook)

Category: Short Story Collection

Trade paperback: 224 pages

Publication Date: 31 August 2018

RRP: AU $19.95 (pbk) | $4.99 (ebook)

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