Mother and the Tiger

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In 1969 the small Asian nation of Cambodia was under attack: first by US bombers as the Vietnam war spilled over the border, and then by the Khmer Rouge as they began their brutal reign of terror. Under the rule of Pol Pot, ordinary city folk were driven from their homes and banished to labour camps that eventually saw two million people die. Darkness descended and “Year Zero” had begun.

Mother and the Tiger is the story of one small girl, who struggled to survive one of the most ruthless regimes in human history. Six-year-old Hui Lim was trapped by the madness around her and cast into a seemingly endless nightmare. Her family was cursed as a member of a hated ethnic minority and targeted by the murderous Khmer Rouge. To survive where so many others died, Hui had to tap an inner strength that she never knew she possessed. Despite her youth she was determined to find her scattered family, no matter the odds.

Her memoir of that brutal regime proves that even amidst the blackest depths of human depravity, hope can endure.

“Memorable memoir of a terrifying period in the history of Cambodia. Should be read by anyone interested in the conflicts which raged in Southeast Asia during the 60s and 70s.” – Marcia Aronson, Librarian at Ottawa Public Library

“The story is so well written and so mindblowingly amazing that for two days I couldn’t stop reading it. It made me appreciate every grain of rice that passes my lips and just filled me to overflowing with compassion for my fellow neighbors in this our global village. We in the western world have NO IDEA…..none. I feel like this book should be standard literature for every highschool student.” – Dorcas Perkins, Just One More Page

Dana Hui Lim was born in Cambodia and was only six years old when the Pol Pot regime seized power. She survived the rule of the Khmer Rouge through a combination of good luck, and a determination to survive that she had not previously known she possessed.

Dana arrived in Australia when she was eighteen years old. She was unable to speak English and had virtually no formal education. She began high school in Year Ten, went on to complete a university degree and began a career in the Australian Public Service.

Dana wants to share her story with others to encourage them to persevere in the face of adversity. She would also like to urge her countrymen to discuss their experiences, or set down their own stories so that they are not lost forever. Her book serves as a warning to people of all nations and races, to be wary of the danger than can occur when ideology is not subjected to reason.

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ISBN: 9781922200105

Category: Memoir

Trade paperback: 260 pages

Publication Date: 24 July 2013

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