The Circle: Book One of The Sidhe

*** 2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Silver Award Winner ***

Calum Ranson is sure of three things: his cousin Finley is alive, Calum will find him, and no one knows Calum and his family are Sidhe. No one until Laurel shows up at his mother’s bookstore wearing a dark clan’s mark.

When Calum learns the details surrounding the disappearance of Laurel’s brother, he suspects the evil Hobayeth clan. Calum and Laurel work together in the Realm of Man and the Otherworld to rescue her brother—revealing a connection between Calum and Laurel that may cost Finley his life.

“The Circle is full of magic and mystery. Readers will be engrossed in faerie realms, charming characters, and a state of wonder and imagination. The Circle is for those who delight in reading fantasy and exploring mystical worlds.” – Kathleen Fox,

“Cipriano introduces an amazing world of magic with the Sidhe and she keeps readers guessing as Calum tries to find out what happened to his cousin Finley.” – Ariel, Mother/Gamer/Writer

“A fabulous new series full of folklore, fantasy, and friendship! In her debut novel to The Sidhe series, Cindy Cipriano presents a wonderfully fresh depiction of Fairies and magic, as well as the prominent fears and concerns of most sixth-grade students as they enter middle school and begin to develop new bonds of friendship.” – Through the Open Book

Cindy Cipriano lives in North Carolina with her husband, son and their 27 pets.

Not really. Just three dogs who think they are children and three cats who think they are raccoons. It only seems like 27. Cindy enjoys spending time with her family, and the avoidance of cooking.

Cindy credits The Sidhe series to an idea that came to her when she was a small child, during ‘one of my many “time-outs”.’ The characters, particularly Uilleam, were born out of her curiosity about what might be found underneath one of the tiles in the floor. It is for this reason she encourages all writers to record everything, because “There is no such thing as an ordinary life. Each of our lives are filled with stories begging to be told.”.

Book Details

ISBN: 978-1-922200-04-4 (pbk) | 978-1-922200-05-1 (ebook)

Category: Junior Fiction / Fantasy

Trade paperback: 186 pages

Publication Date: 1 June 2013

RRP: AU $17.95 (pbk) | $3.99 (ebook)

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