Starchild: The Age of Akra (Book One)

When Mai is chosen to take a pilgrimage to the Valley of a Thousand Thoughts to train with the oldest and wisest master of their people, an ancient prophecy is set in motion. The events to come have been predicted but are not unchangeable. When the Starchild returns to the planet of Sage, the foreknowledge of the prophecy begins to gain strength.

Four children come together and become linked to the events that lie ahead. In The Age of Akra, the first stage of their journey has them facing the deadly spiderflax, only then to be confronted by a creature of the underworld, an evil Dementra called Amual.

The struggle to bring peace to the world of powerful energies lies in the hands of these four children and a strange little lizard. And it will not come easy. This journey is only the beginning.

“Starchild is superb and really captures the essence of youth and the desire to fulfil your destiny.” Tasman Anderson, Gold Coast Bulletin

“Like Harry Potter years ago, I read one and couldn’t wait to read more. The lead character, Mia is a legend in the making, her brother Long you just want to strangle.” – Zane O Yates

“Mia is a wonderful strong young women, with a great sense of independence and self worth; certainly an excellent role model for younger girls.” – Meghan Steger

Vacen Taylor is an author, writer, storyteller, occasional artist and amateur photographer. She describes her writing as a basic prose style with the occasional splash of creative penning. She collects comics and loves superheroes, anime and science.

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ISBN: 9781922200020

Category: Junior Fiction

Trade paperback: 160 pages

Publication Date: 8 March 2013

RRP: AU $15.95 (pbk) | $3.99 (ebook)

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